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Hydrocyclone Linings

Haiwang Hydrocyclone Linings has proven its high quality and cost effectiveness by in-field use of our clients worldwide. We are your cost-effective option for wear linings of all major brands of hydrocyclones. We can custom manufacture where required. Depending on your requirements, we recommend the best wear material suited to your needs.

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The hydrocyclone linings we offer include:

1. New type wear resistant high alumina ceramic(corundum ceramics)

corundum ceramics

More than 95% content of α-Alumin sinter molding with high temperature,  micro hardness 2200-2300kg/mm2. It has extremely strong hardness, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability. It can bear the impact abrasion of high concentration and large particle materials for a long time. It is the ideal hydrocyclone lining material.

the physical and chemical index of corundum ceramics
the content ofAl2O3+ZrO2 Volume density(kg/m3) compression strength(MPa) Moh's hardness impact loss(%) working temperature(℃)
≥95 ≥3500 ≥680 9 0.03 ≤150

2. KM ceramic composite material

KM ceramic composite material

KM ceramic composite material is a kind of ceramic composite material, which is solidified and formed in a specific condition by putting high hardness wear resistant proton into polymer wear-resistant material. It has characteristic of high surface hardness, good acid and alkali corrosion etc. It can work normally in the temperature of below 150℃.

3. High wear resistant rubber

High wear resistant rubber

The rubber was made of the specific formulation process of “Liquid phase formulation, Normal temperature solidification”, has excellent flexibility and extremely strong wear resistance. The hydrocyclone made by compression molding can change lining, once it was abrased, it can be changed conveniently to save the cost.

the physical characteristics sheet of high wear resistant rubber
Shore Hardness Compression strength(MPa) Tear strength(n/mm) Elongation(%) Resilience (%) Permanent deformation(%)
≤40 ≥25 44 ≥800 ≥80 ≤15

4. Polyurethane


Polyurethane elastomer has characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, light weight, wide hardness range etc. Polyurethane with casting solidification has good wear resistance, it is especially suitable for medium and fine particle environment, also with long service life.

5. Composite ceramic material(NM material)

Composite ceramic material(NM material)

Composite ceramic material(NM material) is a new type high wear resistant material, it has extremely high chemical stability and corrosion resistance. The microhardness of composite ceramic material is only second to diamond. But the cost of composite ceramic material is high, it is only used to manufacture hydrocyclone’s feed chamber and spigot at present. The spigot which is made of composite ceramic material even used in first stage classification hydrocyclone with poor working condition still has over 8 months of service life. 

Main technical parameters
Density(g/cm3) Porosity rate(%) Bending strength(MPa) Moh's hardness Acid and alkali resistance Use temperature(%)
≥3.02 ≤0.1 ≥250 13 excellent ≤1380

Features & Benefits

1. Superior abrasion resistance for long wear life
2. Dimensional accuracy for highly efficient performance
3. Improved abrasion characteristics allows for consistent and enhanced separation
4. More cost effective than comparable materials 

Technical Parameter

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