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Haiwang-characteristics of dry tailings equipment process

Aug 28, 2020

 Dry tailings discharge is a new tailings disposal technology that has gradually emerged in China in recent years. It means that the tailings slurry output by the beneficiation process is concentrated in a cyclone and then processed by high-efficiency dewatering equipment of Haiwang such as dewatering vibrating screens. The formation of slag with low water content, easy precipitation and solidification and storage on site, the slag can be transported to a fixed location for dry storage.


Characteristics of EPC Process for Dry Tailings Drainage

1. The process is highly adaptable, and the coarse and fine particles in the tailings are treated in a targeted manner;

2. Cyclone-dewatering screen realizes fast dry discharge of coarse-grained tailings;

3. Thickener-filter press realizes dry discharge of fine-grained tailings;

4. Because the cyclone-dewatering screen realizes the dry discharge of most of the tailings, it reduces the load of subsequent concentration and filter press equipment, and saves  equipment investment and operating costs;

5. The circulating water is reused on-site.


 The core equipment of the general contracting system of the tailings dry discharge unit

The core equipment of the total package system of the tailings dry discharge unit: high-efficiency concentration cyclone

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