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Today, we would like to share the moments for them!

The national honorary title was presented to the People's Hero for their outstanding contributions to the country's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. People first, life first! States will not forget

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Haiwang sand extraction equipment is used in mine tailings sand washing and waste stone mechanical sand making process

As the natural resource with the greatest demand for infrastructure construction, sand and gravel aggregates have changed from natural collection to mining and manufacturing in recent years. Among them

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How do we operate and maintain the sand recycling machine?

In the production process of the sand recycling machine, only the correct operation and timely maintenance of the sand recycling machine can make the machine run well and reach the production state. Wh

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Haiwang-characteristics of dry tailings equipment process

Dry tailings discharge is a new tailings disposal technology that has gradually emerged in China in recent years. It means that the tailings slurry output by the beneficiation process is concentrated i

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Correct use of sand recycling machine

With the development of society, natural sand is gradually decreasing, so how to produce high-quality machine-made sand is the key to the sand making industry. The fine sand recycling machine can effec

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National Fitness Day

August 8th National Fitness Free Sports I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy. ​ National fitness vigorously promote thepublic fitness activities Evergreen life, Endless sports. August 8th Sports can

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