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Lesser Heat, act your glorious youth in the right sunny summer

Haiwang, for better separation Lesser heat comes following the gentle breeze. The lesser heat solar term is the fifth solar term of summer, marking the entering of midsummer. In such muggy days, YangQi

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The second half of 2020 starts

The second half of 2020 starts Hi, its our turn to play! Come, lets struggle for what we lost 2020, Haiwang fight together with you for creating greater glories! The epidemic tempers our will, fighting

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Price Shall Not be Your Only Concern

Many customers will take price as the most important consideration while purchasing equipment, high-quality equipment and perfect after-sales security cannot offset the temptation of low prices. Thus p

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Details Make Boutique, Qualities Form Future

Haiwang Quality, Global Famous There is a quality called perseverance There is a quality called strength There is a quality called strive for excellence There is a quality called Haiwang quality Detail

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AI of Mining Industry——The Development Orientation of Haiwang in the Future

While bonding the data with developing these two words, first view came in peoples mind maybe the extraction of value from the enterprise data by the IT and technicians. In fact, the data and intellige

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“Facing The Sea, Flowers Bloom In Spring”

Spring is coming, everything takes on a fresh and new look! Spring rains quickened the earth. Green grass, flowers of red and white everywhere expressions of gentle life. Lets enjoy the warm bright sun

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