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KYF Flotation Machine

KYF flotation machine has two kinds of scraping machine: unilateral scraping and bilateral scraping. User can choose according to the requirement of process.

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It owns features of great aeration quantity,equal air dispersion,low energy consumption which can save as much as 30%-50%electricity compared with general flotation machine.Its structure is simple and easy to maintain.The abrading of its impeller and stator parts quick-worn is small capable of cut down 70%-80% cost.The performance of pump circulation is excellent and medicament consumption is less capable of reducing by 10%-15% consumption.The united unit can equip and form flotation loop through the same level,leaving out the foam pump.If self-control equipments demands on aeration quantity and pilp are raised by customers,the switch between manual and auto,on-site and centralized control and various self-control functions will be realized.

KYF Flotation Machine

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